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Tuition and Fees

All financial obligations to the University must be paid during a designated period at the beginning of each semester (the 13th and 14th class days of the term) unless arrangements have been made with the Business Office. All students must process through the Business Office during this designated period. A student is not officially enrolled for an academic semester until all tuition and fees have been paid. Tuition and fees may be changed by the State Board of Higher Education or by the state Legislature at any time. Mayville State University is a state-assisted institution governed by the laws of the State of North Dakota.

The University employs financial aid crediting as a means of delivering student financial aid. Under this process, financial aid awards to a student are applied as credits to the student’s account with the University, rather than being processed as payments to the student. After aid is credited, any balance owed by the student must be paid according to the general guidelines presented above. If financial aid credited exceeds the amount owed by the student, a check in the amount of the excess will be issued to the student and released when all balances from previous terms are paid in full. Late fees for non-payment may be assessed after 30 days.*

See Annual Tuition and Fees Information
(Subject to change without notice)

Withdrawal Due to Non-payment of Tuition and Fees

Payment of fees for each term will be the 13th and 14th class days of the term. Balances must be paid at this time. If the full balance is not paid by the end of the 5th week of the term, students will be withdrawn from the term and be responsible for the portion of the balance not refunded. Students who are withdrawn from the term will have one week (6th week) to pay the balance in full.