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ENGL 110 College Composition I

ENGL 110 develops the foundational skills for college-level writing.  These skills include learning how to respond critically to texts, develop a thesis, make claims and support them with evidence, respond to and work with sources, frame a written project with organization and transitions, cite and document sources in accordance with MLA documentation standards, and edit scholarly work. Students will learn how to consider the rhetorical nature of academic discourse as they move through the drafting process. Prerequisite: Students who score 15-17 on the ACT English subtest or equivalent exams may register for this course along with ASC 088 - English Composition Lab. Students who have scored 18 or above on the ACT English subtest or equivalent exams, or have completed ASC 086 - Preparatory English or equivalent course with at least a “C” or higher may register for this course. Fall, Spring, Summer.