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North Dakota State Board of Higher Education

The State Board of Higher Education is the constitutional body responsible for governing the North Dakota state institutions of higher education.



Mayville State University


Office of the President

Brian Van Horn, Ed.D., President

Mary Trudeau, Executive Assistant


Office of Academic Affairs

Brian J. Huschle, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs

Shelly Anderson, Executive Assistant


Office of Student Affairs

Corday Goddard, Ph.D Dean of Student Affairs


Office of Business Affairs

Amber Hill, M.B.A, C.P.A., C.G.F.M., Vice President for Business Affairs

Tina Valeu, Human Resources Coordinator



Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Daniel Bussian, M.M., M.B.A., Director

John Murphy, B.A., Coordinator


Intercollegiate Athletics

Rocky Larson, Interim Athletic Director

Dennis Hutter, M.A., Assistant Athletic Director

William M. Tomblin, M.S., Assistant Athletic Director

Jordan Olson, Sports Information Coordinator


Foundation Office

Lon Jorgensen, Ed.D., Executive Director

Beth Swenson, A.A., Associate Director


Office of Public Relations

Beth Swenson, A.A., Director


Academic Division Chairpersons

Rhonda Nelson, M.B.A., Business

Pamela Johnson, Ph.D., Education

Scott Parker, M.S., Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Lonamalia P. Smith, M.A.,Liberal Arts

Collette Christoffers, M.S.N., R.N., P.H.N., Nursing

Khwaja Hossain, Ph.D., Science and Mathematics


Office of Admissions

Heather Hoyt, M.B.A., Director


Office of Academic Records

Heather Hoyt, M.B.A., Director


Enrollment Center

Misti Wuori, M.B.A., M.M.G.T., Director

James Morowski, M.S., Assistant Director


Office of Financial Aid

Susan L. Cordahl, B.A.S., Director


Office of Academic Advising 

Teri Wright, M.Ed., Assistant Director 


Information Technology Services

Rob Frederick, M.S., Chief Information Officer


Student Affairs

Hanna Kaster, M.A., Director of Counseling Services

Corday Goddard, Ph.D., Student Life

Aimee E. Fafard, Programming Assistant for Inclusion and Belonging


Title IX 

Corday Goddard, Ph.D., Title IX Coordinator 


Veterans and Military 

Zach Gadberry, Veterans Certifying Official 


Byrnes-Quanbeck Library

Kelly Kornkven, M.S., Director


University Bookstore

Kim Holder, Director


Dining Services
Andrew Steele, Interim Director 


Child Development Programs

Jessi Hegg, Director


Facilities Services

Bob Kozojed, A.S., Director, Campus Security