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Division of Liberal Arts

The Division of Liberal Arts supports the university’s mission through the English program, which is cognizant of the serious problems facing the student today due to the decline of language skills. The English Department emphasizes mastery of the basic language skills needed for students to learn efficiently and to express themselves clearly. Freshman composition courses develop the ability to understand the tools of the language and to use them with facility and accuracy.

The English major/minor program emphasis is placed on the development of a sense of literary appreciation and judgment. All courses include writing assignments. The core requirements provide a comprehensive overview of basic materials. The elective courses allow in-depth studies of specialized areas. Through the upper level courses, students are expected to work toward a sense of real comprehension and mastery of the subject, an understanding that will provide a solid intellectual foundation in the entire area of language arts.

The English Department encourages students to take a different instructor if they are repeating a course.

Students should ascertain their instructor’s opinions of appropriate use of notebook computers during classes. Students should check university policies in relationship to computer use, which can be found on in the Student Handbook.