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Business Studies Certificate

The Business Studies certificate will provide a student with the general information necessary to start to build a business mindset. Students may want an introduction to the business world or may have pursued another career path and find the need for a basic business background. The program provides an introductory set of skills needed to start in the business world.

The Business Studies Certificate program can be a starting point for furthering a student’s business knowledge with 2 year and 4 year business degree options also available. This certificate program will provide a completion marker on the transcript for students who transfer or who choose to leave college.

The Business Studies Certificate program can be completed in 9-12 months on campus or at a distance.

Student Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Students will apply business theories and/or methods to solve problems. 
  2. Students will demonstrate oral and written communication skills appropriate to the contemporary business environment.
  3. Students will demonstrate individual contributions to accomplish identified team objectives
  4. Students will participate in experiential learning which may include internships, service learning, leadership experience or other opportunities.  


Students completing the Business Studies Certificate program may be required to complete select Essential Studies coursework based on the elective credits selected.

ACCT 200Elements Of Accounting I


ACCT 201Elements Of Accounting II


BUSN 150Introduction to Business


BUSN 235Computer Applications


Total Credit Hours:12

Select 6 elective credits of ACCT/BUSN coursework

Total Credit Hours:6

Elective coursework should relate to the student's interests.

Total Credit Hours: 18

Students are required to complete at least 5 credit hours with MaSU.