Student Health Center

The University provides a service to assist students with routine medical problems. Office hours are posted in Berg Hall and are announced each term. ( NOTE: After hours and/or weekend emergency situations should be referred to your Residence Hall Director and/or the local hospital or clinic).

Students may obtain consultations, care for minor ailments, and various other wellness related services. Uninsured students are entitled to one (1) free office call (for illness only), at the Mayville Sanford Clinic each year. An authorization slip must be presented at the time of the clinic visit. If a student is sick, he or she must notify their instructor or the Office of Student Affairs in more serious cases. 

The cost of doctors, prescriptions, X-rays or laboratory work is paid for by the student if they are not covered by personal insurance. ALL STUDENTS are encouraged to carry health insurance if they are not covered by parental policies.

REMINDER: Student athletes are required to take a physical exam prior to involvement in their specific sport. Also, all students are required by state law to show proof of two measles-rubella immunizations upon registering for classes, and those residing in residence halls must have documentation of immunity against Meningococal disease. International students from certain foreign countries are also required to provide proof of testing for tuberculin.