North Dakota University System General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (or GERTA)

The North Dakota University System (NDUS) Transfer Agreement was developed to assist students who transfer within the North Dakota University System and North Dakota’s five tribal colleges. This agreement states that students who transfer to a NDUS institution after completing their general education coursework (MSU's Essential Studies program) at any other NDUS institution will be deemed to have met all lower-division general education requirements at the transfer school. A minimum of 36 semester hours must have been completed in the areas of communication; arts and humanities; social sciences; and mathematics, science, and technology. Please be aware that certain programs (engineering, education, etc.) at each institution may have additional or specific general education requirements. Consult school catalogs for guidance. If not all general education courses have been completed before transferring, courses will be applied to the general education requirements at any NDUS institution and the student will be required to complete all general education courses at the transfer institution.