International Students Enrolled in Online Classes

International students may complete Mayville State University online courses and some approved programs, including business administration, mathematics, or university studies, from their home and not be subject to SEVIS or visa requirements. International students pursuing online Graduate and Nursing degrees are not eligible for a student visa to study on the MSU campus. Please click the linked text for further information on international student program eligibility. Students need to meet admission criteria to enroll in approved online programs. 

International SEVIS I-901 Fee

All international students need to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee that was mandated by Congress. This I-901 fee is in addition to the $100 institutional administrative processing fee. To pay this I-901 SEVIS fee, go online at Information from the I-20 is needed to fill out the I-901 form. You must fill out the Form I–901 online ( prior to visiting your local Western Union. Filling out the form online will generate a unique coupon number which you will need to validate and process your payment at Western Union. You cannot submit a payment via Western Union without the coupon number. You do not have to print the coupon to bring to Western Union; you just need the unique coupon number in order to submit your payment. If a third party is paying your I–901 Fee on your behalf, you will need to provide them with your coupon number to enter in the Account Number field of the Western Union Quick Pay/Quick Collect Form. This fee must be paid after receipt of the I-20 from Mayville State and before entering the United States.