Home Educated Student Requirements

Home-educated applicants shall submit, in addition to the application for admission and application fee:

  1. Curriculum description or transcript showing the following:
    1. Specific listing of classes completed by the student; identified and/or separated by class levels. Mayville State may request a course syllabus or detailed description of course content.
    2. Clear identification of those courses which meet the North Dakota University System College Preparatory Requirements as detailed in Policy M402.2.
    3. Key explaining grading system and successful completion of coursework, including number of credits earned by course, letter grade, and GPA on a 4.0 scale.
    4. Date of the student’s graduation/completion of plan of study.
    5. Signature of parent/instructor.
    6.  An official transcript from any other private or public high school the student has attended; or
    7. A GED may be accepted with an overall score of 450 and a minimum score of 410 on each exam or exams taken through fall 2013, with at least a 145 on each module and a total score of 580 for GED exams taken after January 2014.
  2. An official transcript issued by the local school district in which the student resides if the district provides such a document.
    1. Official ACT or SAT test scores.
    2. Immunization Form.
    3. Campus Housing Application.

    Financial Aid: A student who has been home schooled is eligible for financial aid if he or she can present documentation that the state in which the student resides considers the home-schooling to be the equivalent of a high school diploma.