The Bachelor of Science in Education is a degree designed for the preparation of elementary, middle school and secondary teachers. A minimum of 122 semester hours of work including at least one major and one minor program or a composite major is required to complete the curriculum, including at least 30 semester hours at the upper-division level courses (300-400 level). See the “courses of study” section of this catalog for major/minor requirements.

The first two years of coursework in this degree program are devoted to completing essential studies requirements of the University. Satisfactory completion of the essential studies requirements is one of the pre-requisites for admission to the teacher education program. The second two years, once a student has been formally accepted into the teacher education program, are devoted to completion of the professional teacher preparation education courses and other upper-division major and minor courses. See the “Education” section of this catalog for teacher education requirements.

Majors available in the Bachelor of Science in Education degree include: