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EDUC 400 Student Teaching

Full-time supervised student teaching experience in the teacher candidate's major areas of study for 15 weeks of accredited approved school in ND or out of state. Qualified cooperating teachers in the classroom support teacher candidates in this experience in conjunction with qualified university supervisors. Teacher candidates are placed in school settings that provide the candidate new and diverse teaching experiences to allow for greater professional growth. Teacher Candidates will collect and analyze data on student learning, student engagement, and complete a service learning project.  Seminar attendance for Co-req EDUC 401 is required throughout the student teaching experience. Teacher candidates who are obtaining a kindergarten endorsement will also register for 400A, double majors will also register for 400A, and SPED double majors will also register for SPED 400B. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education, EDUC 401S. Corequisite: EDUC 401.