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EDUC 398 Secondary Education Field Experience

This course is designed for teacher candidates who are earning one or more secondary education majors and compliments their content area methods course (i.e., English, Sciences, Social Sciences, PE, Health, and Math).  The experience will include a 30-hour field placement in a secondary school classroom. Time in the school setting is arranged between the candidate and the cooperating teacher. Teacher candidates will observe their cooperating teachers, teach 3 lessons of which 2 must be consecutive, reflectively journal, demonstrate professional disposition and model ethical practice. The teacher candidate will be observed by their methods instructor at least once during the experience; this observation will include pre and post conferences and feedback on instruction. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education. Corequisite: EDUC 481, EDUC 482, EDUC 483, EDUC 484, or EDUC 485. This course requires students to have an approved background check and liability insurance prior to the field experience.