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EDUC 302 Social Studies Strategies in the Elementary School

This course is required of all elementary majors following EDUC 301. This course allows the teacher candidate to practice implementing research-based teaching strategies in the classroom and in several required field experiences. A focus on the use of inquiry lessons, simulations, and multi-modal lesson development is reinforced. The importance of teaching to different learning styles and multiple intelligences is emphasized along with critical thinking skills and effective teaching practices to meet the needs of diverse learners. Students collaboratively create a thematic unit to develop a foundational understanding of teaching the strands of social studies through multiple methods. This course requires students to have an approved background check and liability insurance prior to the field experience. Prerequisite: EDUC 301 and Admission to Teacher Education. Corequisite: On Campus: EDUC 319, EDUC 325, HPER 319. Distance: EDUC 319. Fall, Spring.