Repeated Courses

If a student receives an “F” (failure) in a course, he/she should repeat it as soon as possible if it is required for graduation. When a course is repeated to improve grade point average, only the last earned grade is counted in the grade point average. Each course registration and its earned grade, however, continue to appear on the transcript. Course repeats are not allowed on a one-to-one basis such as independent study or on an arranged basis. This policy may be appealed through a sub-waiver form when there are extenuating circumstances and would require approval.

In regard to financial aid and Title IV funding in relation to the repeating of a course, the following applies:

  • A failed course may be repeated as many times as needed until passed.
  • A previously passed course may only be repeated once. This includes even those courses where a higher grade is required for the major (e.g., minimum of “C” for Teacher Education and Business Administration core courses, etc.)
  • This does not include courses designated as repeatable (e.g. band, choir, student government, etc.) as these are not restricted nor limited (unless designated otherwise) and, therefore, a student may repeat these courses as often as allowed.
  • If a student passes a failed course with a passing grade, he/she may repeat the course one more time to try and achieve a higher grade.