Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Division Mission Statement

The Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is governed by the Mayville State University mission statement. We are preparing students for successful careers in the teaching field and in the various fields of health, sports, recreation, fitness and wellness.

Division Goals

  • To provide a comprehensive program of teacher training that will adequately prepare teachers in the fields of physical education, health, and coaching on both the elementary and secondary levels;
  • To provide preparation for a non-teaching career in the general areas of sports, recreation, fitness and wellness; as well as prepared students graduate programs allied health; 
  • To teach skills and knowledge in the activities that promote health and physical fitness and provide socializing experiences as a means of achieving an integrated personality; and
  • To provide a means by which students have the opportunity to participate in a broad range of sports, games, and fitness activities.

Teaching Majors
Non-Teaching Majors
Certificate Programs 
Fitness and Wellness
  Fitness and Wellness (B.S.)  
Fitness and Wellness  
Health Education (B.S.Ed.) Allied Health (B.S.) Health Education Emergency Response Certificate
Physical Education
Physical Education (B.S.Ed.)   Coaching Developmental Adapted Physical Education Certificate
    Physical Education
Sport Management
  Sport Management (B.S.) Sport Management  
  Sport Coaching (B.S.)