Veteran Education Counseling Services

Mayville State University works closely with the Veterans Administration in providing educational opportunities for discharged veterans.

Veterans will be admitted to the University upon the completion of entrance requirements, national test results, or by enrolling as special students. Admission requirements and application materials are available by mail or in person by contacting the Admissions Office.

The University makes every effort to help returning students. If veteran educational benefits are not sufficient to meet attendance costs, the Financial Aid Office may make arrangements for needed reserves through various grants, loans, scholarships, or student employment to cover expenses.


  1. A veteran or eligible person attending Mayville State University and receiving assistance from the Veterans Administration is required to maintain academic standards of progress as outlined in the section of this catalog entitled “Scholarship Requirements.”
  2. Any veteran student who fails to maintain the required cumulative GPA and show progress toward the completion of his/her educational objectives will be reported to the Veterans Administration for unsatisfactory progress.
  3. Any time a veteran reduces his/her credit hour load below that certified, this fact must be reported to the Veterans Administration with the effective date being the date he/she last attended class. The Veterans Administration will then contact the veteran to show adequate reasons (mitigating circumstances) why his/her benefits should not be adjusted to the beginning of the term.

Any questions concerning Veterans Administration policy should be addressed directly to the Regional V.A. Office (toll free telephone: 1-888-442-4551). For more information, please contact the Veteran's Certifying Official at 701-788-4635.