Materials Not Included in Education Records

The following materials are not directly accessible to students:

  1. Personal notes and other materials, such as a teacher’s daily record book created by individual University personnel as memory aids, provided they are not revealed to another person other than in the case of a substitute who performs another’s duties for a temporary period.
  2. Law enforcement (including campus police) records provided they are kept separate from education records, are for law enforcement purposes only, and are only available to other law enforcement officials from the same jurisdiction.
  3. Records of physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, or other professional or para-professionals used in treatment of the student. These records are available only to those providing treatment, but a second physician or other professional of the student’s choice may review them.

Any student at Mayville State University may review the complete text of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and implementing federal regulations at the Office of Academic Records. Questions regarding the act or student rights should be directed to the Director of Academic Records.