Drug Free Schools and Community Policy

The abuse of alcohol and drugs represents a major health problem in the United States today and poses a potentially serious threat to the health and welfare of the members of the Mayville State University community. For these reasons the following statement regarding drug and alcohol use by students and employees at Mayville has been issued:

As a condition of their employment or enrollment at Mayville State University, a student or employee will not engage in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, or use of a controlled substance nor engage in the unlawful possession, distribution, or use of alcohol on University property or as a part of any University activity during the period of employment or enrollment. Furthermore, any employee or student of Mayville State University agrees to obey federal, state, and local laws relating to the unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol, and abide by sanctions, which the institution may impose for violations of its standards of conduct, up to, and including termination or suspension. If an employee or student is convicted of an alcohol or drug-related offense occurring on campus, he/she must notify the institution within five days of such conviction.

In addition, federal law mandates that Mayville State must communicate information regarding the conviction of a student or employee for a drug- or alcohol-related offense, which occurs on campus to the appropriate federal agency within ten days.