Directory Information

The following student information is considered to be directory information and is not subject to the above restrictions of public access or release:

  1. Name (all names on record)
  2. Address (all addresses on record)
  3. E-mail address (all electronic addresses on record)
  4. Phone number (all phone numbers on record)
  5. Weight, height and photos of athletic team members
  6. Major/minor fields of study (all declared majors/minors)
  7. Class level
  8. Dates of attendance
  9. Enrollment status
  10. Names of previous institutions attended
  11. Participation in officially recognized activities/sports
  12. Honors and awards received
  13. Degree earned (all degrees earned)
  14. Date degree earned (dates of all degrees earned)
  15. Photographic, video or electronic images of students taken and maintained by the institution

Within 14 calendar days after the first day of class, any student at Mayville State may inform the Office of Academic Records that any or all directory information relating to that student should not be released without that student’s consent.