Career Development

Career Services

Career Services, located in Classroom Building 115, offers a number of vital services to students, staff, and alumni. The office serves as a resource center for information and experiences that identify opportunities for making informed and responsible career decisions.  We also maintain the Mayville State Jobs Network, an online resource of full-time and part-time jobs, local jobs, campus jobs and internships. We assist students with job-seeking skills including cover letter and resume development, interview techniques, networking strategies, career fair preparation and job-searching strategies.  Career Services maintains an extensive web site at

Distance and online students also have access to all the of the Career Services resources.  Graduating seniors and alumni are offered various forms of assistance to help them find appropriate and satisfying employment or to seek opportunities for additional education. To contact Career Services staff, see their website for their email or phone number.


The MSU Internship Program provides all students, in all majors, with the opportunity to work in a field related to his/her academic major and to earn academic credit (and a salary in many cases) for this work experience. Internships can be in any location, or academic semester, as well as the summer session. Students have interned for small firms as well as regional, national, and internationally known companies. Internships cover a wide range of experiences, including employment in private industry, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

An internship experience benefits students by providing the opportunity to explore career options and career-related experiences.  Most employers are expecting today’s graduates to have successfully completed internship work experiences.

As students reach their sophomore year, they should meet with Internship staff to begin exploring potential internship opportunities.  Some internships may take up to a year or more to put in place, so early planning with Internship staff is recommended.

Academic internship credit is granted by each academic division through student enrollment in the discipline course number 497S entitled “Internship” and usually ranges from 1 to 5 credits per semester. A maximum of 10 semester credits may be applied to a degree. Exceptions may be granted only by approval from the appropriate Division chair. Students registered through an internship 497S course and employed in a full-time internship position, as documented, are granted full-time equivalent student status by the University for financial aid purposes. Students who plan to register for any Internship 497S course should check with the Financial Aid Office to verify all matters related to financial aid eligibility, verification of student enrollment, eligibility for Veterans Administration benefits, and any other reporting or status questions which must be documented by the institution.

Student Employment

The staff of Career Services gathers campus job opportunities from all departments and publishes those job postings online at the Mayville State Jobs Network. The staff also maintains lists of local, part-time off-campus employment for students.