Course Load

Full-time enrollment is twelve (12) semester credit hours. A normal course load is between 15-17 semester credit hours. A student may register for as many as twenty-two (22) semester credit hours per term.

A student wishing to enroll in excess of twenty-two (22) semester credit hours in a term will require an institutional overall GPA of 3.00. An outstanding incomplete grade will prevent the student from receiving an overload without a petition to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Mayville State’s policy limits enrollment to a maximum of twenty-five (25) semester credit hours a term during the academic year.

Students taking 19 or more credits should use the 12-18 credit-hour-rate plus the per-credit-hour rate for the additional hours over 18 credits.

Petition applications are available at the Office of Academic Records at Old Main 114 or send an email request to