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EDUC 380 Teaching English Language Learners

This course will cover 15 topics related to the education of ELLs to include: Use of Home Language Survey, administration and screening assessments, Federal and State Laws on ELL programming and the Rights of ELL's,  Federal Title III program guidelines and school requirements, LEP/ELL accommodations for assessment and instruction, ND Century and Administrative Code regarding ELL Programs and Services, Targets, Criteria and Accountability for ELL, Exit Criteria, ACCESS for ELLs annual assessment, and Individualized Language Plans & ELL Program Models.  Teacher candidates will develop understandings of programs options for ELL's and learn how to make instructional decisions to respect the individual strengths and needs of  English Language Learners based upon ELD Standards and Can-Do Descriptors. Prerequisite: EDUC 250. Fall, Spring, Summer.