COMM 414 Media Law and Ethics

This course examines the changes and issues that are dominating the exploding phenomena of social media. Students will learn how to research the complex legal opinions that now define, and have reshaped the centuries-old laws and principles of conduct for members of the Media. To fully appreciate and understand how these changes have, and are, affecting publishing law recent legal decisions will be studied and discussed in the classroom. Guest speakers will include (whenever possible) professionals from the publishing and legal fields who have firsthand knowledge of cases that have influenced publishing law. Changing perceptions of what is ethical and unethical practices by today's members of the media will be examined and discussed. Some of the areas to be covered include: pornography, Free Speech, Free Press, Fair Use, copyright, trademark, student rights, school newspaper, liberal and privacy laws. This examination is not a substitute for the services of a qualified legal professional, but a working knowledge of these issues will help students know when to contact a legal professional. Fall, even years.