Grade Appeal Policy

Faculty must evaluate and grade student work fairly and reasonably, and students must maintain scholastic honesty beyond reproach. Disputes that arise about fairness and honesty are best resolved through open and sincere communication among all parties – students, faculty, committees, and administrators. Once a grade has been recorded for a class, the grade cannot be changed unless an error was made by the instructor. Students may repeat a class if they would like to improve their grade.

A grade appeal is an allegation by a student that such student’s semester grade in a course offered for credit was not in accordance with the grading criteria described in the course syllabus. The student must contact the instructor of the course before the fifth week of the following semester to discuss the instructor’s and student’s reasoning for the grade given or desired. The complete policy addressing procedures required for resolving grade appeals is available in the Office of Academic Affairs.

MSU Grade Appeal Policy, M581