Classification of Students

Undergraduate Students

Regular students are those who have satisfied entrance requirements, are duly enrolled as full-time students, and are pursuing at least one of the degree programs. They are classified at the beginning of each semester as follows:

Semester Credit Hours
 Freshman  0-23 SH
 Sophomore  24-59 SH
 Junior  60-89 SH
 Senior  90+ SH

A student carrying 12 or more hours in any semester is considered a full-time student. Students who expect to graduate in four years (8 semesters) must complete an average of 16 credits per semester.

Graduate Students

  • Graduate students are those who have a prior bachelor's degree and are enrolled in 500 level or higher courses.

  • A graduate student carrying nine (9) or more hours in a semester is considered a full-time student.

Non-Degree Students

A non-degree student is not a candidate for a degree, but one who has evidenced competence to undertake college coursework. Coursework completed by non-degree students cannot be counted toward a degree until all entrance requirements have been satisfied.