Auditing of Academic Courses

Students who wish to audit courses at Mayville State University must apply for and receive permission from the class instructor. A student who is auditing a course is not required to participate in discussions, complete daily assignments or take examinations; however the student is expected to maintain satisfactory attendance in order to have an “AU” recorded on the transcript. While a student cannot fail an audit course, an instructor may file a “W” for non-attendance. Only lecture courses may be audited; activity-type classes, e.g., swimming, computer and outdoor pursuits cannot be audited. The last day to enroll in a class for audit is the same date as the last day to register or add a class. The student may not switch from audit to regular registration or vice versa after the last day to add a class. An audit fee is one-half of the regular tuition rate and no credit is earned for audited classes.