Science and Mathematics

Division Mission Statement

The Division of Science and Mathematics supports the University mission through its offerings by providing students with opportunities to develop skills and to attain knowledge necessary to realize their potential and become contributing citizens. This is accomplished by offering Bachelor of Science four-year degree programs in Biology, Medical Laboratory Science, Chemistry, and Mathematics, as well as Bachelor of Science in Education four-year degree programs in Composite in Biology Education, Composite in Chemistry Education, and Mathematics Education. The Division of Science and Mathematics provides coursework in astronomy, biology, medical laboratory sciences, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, and science.

Division Goals

Division goals that are common to all courses include developing foundation skills and knowledge used in pursuing advanced education; providing learning experiences meeting and complementing the essential studies program learning objectives; and developing higher-order thinking skills necessary to solve problems, to work with models of systems, and to apply scientific and mathematical concepts to draw conclusions.

The goals of the Science program are to present current information on aspects of the physical world and to develop logical reasoning, sometimes mathematical, relating one process to another. Courses in this area prepare students to explain the basic principles of science and its relationship to other disciplines, to describe different scientific models and how these models are used to stimulate scientific inquiry, and to identify the assumptions and limitations of scientific methods.

The goals of the Mathematics program are to foster the ability to think critically, to think mathematically in terms of precise and quantitative relationships which reveal the logical structure within a system, and to aid the student in developing an awareness of the vital connections and relationships between mathematical topics and their applications in the real world. Courses in this program prepare students to develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics, to reason and communicate through mathematics, to develop a proficiency in problem-solving using a variety of tools and strategies, and to use appropriate technology to enhance their understanding of mathematics.

Teaching Majors Non-Teaching Majors Minors
Composite in Biology Education (B.S.Ed) Biology (B.S.) Biology/ Biology Education
Medical Laboratory Science (B.S.)
Composite in Chemistry Education (B.S.Ed.)  Chemistry (B.S.) Chemistry/ Chemistry Education 
Mathematics Education (B.S.Ed)  Mathematics (B.S.) Mathematics/Mathematics Education
None currently offered  None currently offered  General Science
    Physical Science
    Science for the Elementary Teacher