Division Mission Statement

Preparing students for successful careers in a dynamic technology-enriched business environment.

Division Goals

  • Division graduates will possess the communication skills necessary to work effectively and efficiently.
  • Division graduates will possess the knowledge, expertise, and competencies to innovatively use technology, to solve problems, and to think critically and ethically.
  • Division graduates will develop an appreciation for the importance of life-long learning.

The Division of Business supports the institutional mission by preparing professionally educated business and technology practitioners. The division provides students with life-long skills necessary to function in a rapidly changing, highly technological world of work. This is accomplished by offering Bachelor of Science four-year degree programs in business administration. The division also offers the Bachelor of Applied Science four-year degree programs in business administration. An Associate of Arts program is available in business management.

To assist in the attainment of the division goals, all business and technology programs include:

  • Providing learning experiences that complement the essential studies program by enhancing the ability to communicate effectively, using reading, writing, speaking, and listening;
  • Developing advanced skills necessary to utilize technology to solve work-related problems;
  • Developing rational decision-making skills utilizing critical and creative thinking and appropriate problem-solving techniques within business and technology environments;
  • Developing the ability to apply business and technology concepts to work-related functions;
  • Providing students with opportunities for work experiences in business and industry; and
  • Developing foundation skills and knowledge used in pursuing advanced education.


Majors Minors
Business Administration (B.S.) Accounting
Business Administration (B.A.S.) Business Administration
Business Management (A.A.)