Secondary Professional Education

Minimum required credits to graduate with a secondary professional education degree: 128

Students desiring certification as a secondary teacher must complete the essential requirements for the baccalaureate degree, secondary education core, a teaching major and a teaching or non-teaching minor (major and minor vary in credits). Composite majors that do not require completion of a minor are available in biology, chemistry, and social science.

Secondary Education majors must complete 36 hours of essential studies. The following Essential Studies courses require a minimum grade of "C": COMM 110, ENGL 110, ENGL 120 or ENGL 125, GEOG 103, MATH 103, and PSYC 111

Secondary education majors seeking certification in another major area must complete at least five semester hours of student teaching in that major at the secondary level.

Secondary Professional Education Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

  • SLO 1: Learner & Learning: Students understand diversity in learning and developmental processes and create supportive and safe learning environments for students to thrive.
  • SLO 2: Content: Students understand subject matter deeply and flexibly so they can advance their students’ learning, address misconceptions and apply ideas to everyday life.
  • SLO 3: Instructional Practice: Students will plan instruction, utilize effective instructional strategies and technologies, and continuously assess students for mastery and decision-making purposes.
  • SLO 4: Professional Responsibility: Students will take responsibility for student learning, collaborative relationships, their own professional growth, and the advancement of the profession.


Secondary Professional Education Core:

A minimum grade of "B" is required for EDUC 250 and EDUC 298. A minimum grade of "C" is required for all other Professional Education courses except EDUC 401S.
EDUC 250Introduction To Education


EDUC 272Educational Technology


EDUC 290/PSYC 290Theories of Learning and Management


EDUC 298Pre-Professional Field Experience and Skills Development


EDUC 380Teaching English Language Learners


EDUC 381Human Relations and Cultural Diversity


EDUC 390Special Needs in an Inclusive Environment


EDUC 398Secondary Education Field Experience


EDUC 400Student Teaching


EDUC 401Electronic Portfolio, Assessment, and Seminar


EDUC 401SPre-Student Teaching Seminars


EDUC 422/PSYC 422Educational Assessment


EDUC 426/ENGL 426Reading In The Content Area


EDUC 480General Methods For Secondary Educators


EDUC 480LGeneral Methods Field Experience


PSYC 255Child and Adolescent Psychology


Secondary Methods

Students taking methods courses must be able to make arrangements for blocked periods of time to allow for field experiences.

Students are required to complete one of the five Secondary Methods courses based on the degree selected with a minimum grade of "C".

EDUC 481Secondary Methods for English


EDUC 482Secondary Methods for Health and Physical Education


EDUC 483Secondary Methods for Mathematics


EDUC 484Secondary Methods for Science


EDUC 485Secondary Methods for Social Science


Total Core Credit Hours 40 SH


Essential Studies 36 SH

Secondary Professional Education Courses 40 SH

*Composite in Biology Education 57 SH

*Composite in Chemistry Education 53 SH

*Composite in Social Science Education 43 SH

English Education 34 SH

Health Education 34 SH

History Education 34 SH

Math Education 29 SH

Physical Education 40 SH

Special Education 45 SH

Minors 18-32 SH

Total 124-153 SH

*No minor required

** Double majors must register for one semester hour of credit per major.

A cumulative GPA of 2.75 must be earned in teaching major, minor, and professional education courses. A grade of “C” or better is required for all professional and methods education courses, excluding EDUC 250 and EDUC 298 where a “B” is required.