Division of Science and Mathematics

The Chemistry programs provide the student with the knowledge, skills, and techniques commensurate with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or provides students with the knowledge and skills essential for teaching science courses in secondary education with emphasis in chemistry for a Composite in Chemistry Education, B.S. Ed. The student pursuing these degrees may plan a professional or industrial vocation or pursue a graduate degree or students are provided with a broad base of knowledge, which permits certification in grades 7-12 in North Dakota.

Admission to Chemistry Majors

All admission criteria are monitored and enforced by the discipline faculty. Admission to the Chemistry major requires that the student:

  1. Complete CHEM 121, CHEM 122, and CHEM 341 with a minimum grade of “C” in each course.
  2. Have an institutional cumulative GPA of at least 2.50.
  3. Have satisfactory communication skills as demonstrated by successful completion of ENGL 110 and ENGL 120 or ENGL 125 with a minimum grade of “C” in each course.
  4. Have satisfactory mathematics skills as demonstrated by successful completion of MATH 103 or a higher level math course with a minimum grade of “C.”
  5. Complete an oral interview with the discipline faculty.
Final approval of the discipline faculty is contingent upon their professional judgment following consideration of documentation and faculty assessment.