Major/Minor Designation

Mayville State University allows students who have previously earned a four-year degree at another undergraduate university to pursue a Mayville State University major or minor. The department chair with assistance from the Office of Academic Records will evaluate transfer credit and verify all requirements have been met. The student must complete 30 semester hours at Mayville State (residency requirement). Nine (9) semester hours is the minimum required for a major and six (6) semester hours for a minor. Recording of the major or minor will be in the form of a comment on the student’s academic transcript.

Students wishing to complete a teaching major or minor should be in contact with the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board (ESPB) or any other state licensing board regarding necessary licensure requirements. The Mayville State University Education Chair, responsible for Teacher Education, must verify all professional licensure requirements are met. The Registrar will certify the teaching major or minor. Questions can be directed to the Office of Academic Records at 701-788-4774.