Tuition and Fees

(Subject to change without notice)

All financial obligations to the University must be paid during a designated period at the beginning of each semester unless arrangements have been made with the Business Office. All students must process through the Business Office during this designated period. A student is not officially enrolled for an academic semester until all tuition and fees have been paid. Tuition and fees may be changed by the State Board of Higher Education or by the state Legislature at any time. Mayville State University is a state-assisted institution governed by the laws of the State of North Dakota.

The University employs financial aid crediting as a means of delivering student financial aid. Under this process, financial aid awards to a student are applied as credits to the student’s account with the University, rather than being processed as payments to the student. After aid is credited, any balance owed by the student must be paid according to the general guidelines presented above. If financial aid credited exceeds the amount owed by the student, a check in the amount of the excess will be issued to the student and released when all balances from previous terms are paid in full. Late fees for non-payment may be assessed after 30 days.*

The following fees are required of all students:

(Tuition and fees reflect Fall 2015 amounts.)
Tuition (Per Semester) 12-18 Credit-Hour-Rate Per-Credit-Hour-Rate
North Dakota Resident $ 2,465.04 $ 205.42
Minnesota Resident $ 2,760.84 $ 230.07
Reciprocity Rate for:     
South Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba  $3,081.24 $256.77
MHEC**  $3,081.24
WUE Residents***  $3,697.44 $308.12
International  $6,581.52
All other US Residents and Canadian Provinces (not Sask. or Mant.)***  $3,697.44

Students taking fewer than 12 credits use the per-credit-hour rate to figure tuition/fees. Students taking 19 or more credits should use the 12-18 credit-hour-rate plus the per-credit-hour-rate for the additional hours over 18 credits.

Technology Fee  $370.50 $30.88
Student Services Fee  $288.25

This fee is allocated between University and student activities and organizations including athletics, Campus Center, Student Senate, and Wellness Center.

New Student Orientation I.D. Fee (one-time fee)  $35.00  $35.00 
ConnectND Fee  $66.00 $5.50
NSDA Fee  $0.36  $0.03 
Dual Credit  $116.00 per credit tuition/fees 
Distance and Online Learning  $280.00 per credit/tuition/fees 

The distance and online learning tuition/fees is a flat rate, not dependent on residence. The tuition/fees flat rate is per credit and is not capped at 12 credits.

For on campus students, distance and online learning credits are not included in tuition and fee charges, but are an additional per-credit-hour rate.

* Interest rate for late fee is 1.75% per month SBHE policy 830.1.5

** MHEC (Midwestern Higher Education Compact) includes students from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin.

*** WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) includes students from Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

**** Canadian provinces includes all Canadian Provinces except Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

1 Unless other arrangements have been made with the Business Office.

The following are Miscellaneous Fees:

(Assessed only as required.)

(All semester hour charges are based on student residency status.)

Application Fee $ 35.00
Non-refundable Required of all new students, regular or special, who register for credit
Auditing Course Fees One-half of regular semester hour charge
CLEP Service Fee (per course) $ 15.00
Continuing Education Fee $ 50.00 - $ 100.00
Not to exceed the regular semester hour charge
Course Challenge Fee Regular semester hour charge plus delivery charge of $40.00 per semester hour
Independent Study Regular semester hour charge and limited fee plus delivery charge of $110.00 per semester hour
Course Fee $ 15.00 to $145.00 per designated course
Life Experience Credit
FT student 50% in-state tuition
Less than FT student 50% in-state tuition plus life experience fee of $34.99 per credit hour
Deferred Payment Agreement $50.00
Re-enrollment Fee $100.00

Board and Room

(Subject to change without notice.)

Agassiz Hall students are required to have a food service board contract. The food service facilities are located in the University Campus Center. Board contract service is not available between terms or during vacations.

BOARD (Per semester)
5-meal/7-day board contract $ 884.00
10-meal/7-day board contract $ 1,768.00
14-meal/7-day board contract $ 1,879.00
Cash Plan $ 500.00
ROOM (Per semester)
Suite (Agassiz) $ 1,609.00
Apartment (Agassiz) $ 1,934.00
Single (Birkelo, Berg). $ 1,536.00
Double (Birkelo, Berg) $ 1,073.00
Deposit non-refundable $ 50.00
Residence Hall Association Fee $ 5.00

Withdrawal Due to Non-payment of Tuition and Fees

(Subject to change without notice)

Payment of fees for each term will be the 13th and 14th class day of the term. Balances must be paid at this time. If the full balance is not paid by the end of the 5th week of the term, students will be withdrawn from the term and be responsible for the portion of the balance not refunded. Students who are withdrawn from the term will have one week (6th week) to pay the balance in full, plus an additional $100.00 re-enrollment fee to get back into school for that term.