North Dakota State Board of Higher Education

The State Board of Higher Education is the constitutional body responsible for governing the North Dakota state institutions of higher education.

Dr. Kirsten Diederich, Board Chair Fargo, ND
Dr. Terry Hjelmstad, Vice Chair Minot, ND
Dr. Kevin Melicher, Board Member Fargo, ND
Don Morton, Board Member Fargo, ND
Kathleen Neset, Board Member Tioga, ND
Kari Reichert, Board Member Bismarck, ND
Grant Shaft, Board Member Grand Forks, ND
Dr. Eric Murphy, Faculty Advisor Grand Forks, ND
Janice Hoffarth, Staff Advisor Grand Forks, ND
Christopher McEwen, Student Member Fargo, ND
Dr. Larry Skogen Interim Chancellor
Murray Sagsveen Chief of Staff/NDUS Ethics Officer
Laura Glatt Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs
Dr. Sonia Cowen Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs

Mayville State University

Gary D. Hagen, Ph.D. President
Keith A. Stenehjem, Ed.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Raymond H. Gerszewski, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Affairs and Institutional Research
Steven P. Bensen, B.S., B.A. Vice President for Business Affairs
Michael K. Moore, M.S. Athletic Director
John Klocke, B.S. Director of Development
Pamela Braaten, B.U.S. Director of Academic Records/Registrar
Marcelo E. Campoverde, M.S. Diversity Coordinator
Craig Keating, B.S. Information Systems Specialist
Shirley M. Hanson, B.S. Director of Financial Aid
Jay A. Henrickson, B.S. Director of Career Services and Internships
Allison Johnson, M.A. Director of Child Development Programs and Grants Office
Katie Richards, M.Ed. Director of Student Success and Disabilities Services
Kelly Kornkven, M.S. Director of Library Services
Dean R. Kostuck, B.S. Director of Help Desk
Robert J. Kozojed, A.A. Director of Facilities Services
Kristi Lentz, M.Ed. Director of Counseling and Freshmen Retention Services
James Morowski, B.S. Director of Enrollment Services
Shawn D. Ogburn, B.S. Director of Computer Center
Denise F. Overmoe, B.S. Director of Child Development Programs
Daniel P. Lorenz, A.A. Director of Physical Plant
Mark Skean, Ph.D. Director of Academic Assessment
Pam B. Soholt, A.A. Bookstore Manager
Patrick Steele, B.S. Director of Information Technology Services
Misti L. Wuori, M.B.A., M.MGMT. Director of Admissions and Extended Learning
Andrea Dulski-Bucholz, Ph.D. Education and Psychology
Gene B. Levitt, B.S.B.A., M.B.A. Business and Computer Information Systems
Donna M. Mark, M.S. Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Dalton E. McMahon, D.A. Liberal Arts
Robert D. Miess, Ph.D. Science and Mathematics